Jelen, Bill

Excel 2013 VBA and Macros / Bill Jelen and Tracy Syrstad - 612 p. 18 x 23 cm. 2 ejemplares

Introduction. Unleash the Power of Excel with VBA. This sounds Like BASIC, so why doesn't look familiar? Refering ranges. Looping and flow control. R1C1-Style formulas. Create and manipulate names in VBA. Event programming. Arrays. Creating classes, records, and collections. User forms: an introduction. Data mining with advanced filter. Using VBA to create pivot tables. Excel Power. Sample user-defined functions. Creating charts. Data visualizations and conditional formatting. Dashboarding with sparklines in Excel 2013. Reading from and writing to the web. Text file processing. Automating word. Using access as a back end to enhance multiuser access to data. Advanced user form techniques. Windows API. Handling errors. Customizing the Ribbon to run Macros. Creating Add-Ins. An introduction to creating Apps for office. What is new Excel 2013 and what has changed. .



Excel 2013 [Programa para computador]
Hoja electrónica [Programa para computador]
Microsoft Excel 2013 [Programa para computador]
Programación [Computadores electrónicos]
Visual Basic [Lenguaje de programación computadores]

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